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Stock-trading, real estate, algorithm-based sports betting, and much more. Join us in stacking profits and building generational wealth – Currently in Closed Beta.

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Turning your profits into generational wealth is difficult, Northfolio makes it easy.

Stock Picks

Gain access to our staff’s portfolios and track every winning move. All of our picks are backed by thorough technical and qualitative analysis. We set our members up for long-term success!

Real Estate Advisory

Being the only location-specific trading group on the block allows us to add an interesting element to our members: Real Estate Advisory. Our real estate professionals post weekly content on Canada’s hottest markets and are available 24/7 to answer any questions. It is the biggest investment you will ever make, you need to be informed.

1 on 1 Consulting

Book a 1 on 1 meeting with one of our professionals to ask them anything in private. Staff is available 24/7!

Sports Analysis & Partnerships

On top of our algorithm-based sports betting platforms, take advantage of several of our useful partnerships, including an exclusive partnership with bet99 that allows Northfolio users to get $250 in free bet credits to bet on your favorite game!


Northfolio is a community of likeminded individuals working together to achieve financial freedom. Friendly and accepting, our group is glad to accept individuals of all knowledge levels.


Our staff is made of the most professional and experienced financial experts, looking to help you expand your wealth. Through consistent updates and individual consult, we provide the platform for success.

Easy Access

Based on Discord, our server is easily accessed and organized within multiple information filled channels and voice chats. Upon purchase of a membership, you will instantaneously be added to the server, beginning your journey to fiscal success.

Why Choose Us

Northfolio features the most professional and experienced advisors in the game. Engineered for profit, our guidance will simplify the road to financial freedom.


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Northfolio Member:

The staff at Northfolio does an incredibly good job making even the newest investors feel welcome. They are constantly offering support and guidance not only advising you with calls, but facilitating your learning and understanding behind them. They really produce great investors from individuals


Northfolio Member:

“Northfolio is a great place to learn and grow no matter the level of investor. As a beginner myself, it was clear that the staff wanted to help from day one and were always there to answer questions when needed. The group is very diverse and has info on many things, allowing countless learning opportunities. Northfolio is very beginner friendly, offering a very inclusive community where everyone and anyone can join and feel at home!”


Northfolio Member:

If you want insightful investment advice that is easy to understand and unbiased, Northfolio is the group you want to join. They don’t just copy and paste articles but provide explanation on their investment picks and put money where their mouth is. From savy investors to those just starting out, I strongly recommend the group. Their picks have been on point and looking forward to making money with the team at Northfolio!

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Our members are consistently rolling in massive amounts of profit based on our investment advice and material. Stop waiting, learn and invest for your future with us.

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